In His Faithfulness

Real. That’s what this internship is about. Something tangible. Something you can feel. It’s about breathing life into something that I didn’t think could ever happen.

I had dreamed for a long time about doing missions for longer than a week. I’ve been on so many short-term trips, and they’ve all been incredible. They are what helped develop a love for missions inside of me. But I had a hunger to know what it was like to be somewhere longer than a week. I wanted to experience a different culture, get lost in an unfamiliar place, and live in a different world.

But I just couldn’t see how that could happen. I had finished college and didn’t know what to do next. I kind of looked for jobs, but in the back of my mind, there was that yearning for something different. I tried to ignore it, but as soon as I saw a post about this internship online, I knew it was the next step. I could feel it in me. But, once again, I couldn’t see how it could happen. I continued to tell myself “It costs too much money. You don’t want to leave your family. No one you know has done something like this, so why should you?” Doubt and worry filled my mind. But I decided that if I am ever going to do something like this, it has to be now. So, I applied.


Even throughout the application process, through all of the interviews and evaluations, a part of me thought that there was no way this was going to happen. It was just a silly little dream, and I might as well stop and get a job. But there was something inside me that didn’t. Something in me that told me I could do it. I decided to follow that voice.


Now, I’m in Lima, Peru. The culture is very different. I’ve gotten lost many times. It’s a totally different world. And I’m living in it. It’s real, and it happened because of God. He called me, and I followed. I trusted, and every desire I had has been met. He showed Himself faithful, and because of that, I’ll never be the same.

-Mitchell Applegate, Intern Fall 2015


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