Out Of The Dust

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m a planner. Well, I used to be at least until about 10 months ago when I watched all of my plans, dreams, and goals fall apart one day after the other.

At that point of my life I was holding onto this clarity that I could see tangibly in front of me. I could see the fruit of my crops and I could see what my path had in store. I saw a young girl starting her fourth semester of college with a great job, an amazing group of friends, leadership roles within her church, and a bright future. The only bad part was, I didn’t actually like where my path was headed, because if you looked further down the road, slowly but surely that fruit started to rot, grow sour, and fall off.

The path that I thought was perfect for me seemingly turned to dust right in front of my eyes, and I was left confused, broken, and hurt. But even in the pain of those moments, I had to remind myself of one simple thing:

God creates magnificent things out of dust.

And once I realized that, I saw a new path open up. This internship became a beacon of light that was scary, unfamiliar, completely new, no information, and yet all that the same time, overwhelmingly full of peace.

So to keep it going with the dust analogy, the day I moved down here was like someone handing me a broom, and during the weeks, days, and months spent here, I began to sweep up the dust that my hopes and the dreams of my past created and turn them into something more. I was able to metaphorically see how God is able to create something spectacular out of something, frankly, not so spectacular. Just like God formed Adam from the dust and breathed life into him, so he did again with my life. I was reminded of the joy of salvation and how God can take something so incredibly broken and undeserving of help and not just throw a lifeline out, but reel them onto the shore of something more than they could possibly imagine.

This internship has taught me that clarity isn’t in a 10-year plan. Clarity is found when you take that running leap into the unknown because you’re trusting in the voice that is telling you to soar. That sometimes you may find clarity about what’s next for your life while you’re doing something that has nothing to do with that. That you can find clarity even in the midst of the most uncomfortable thing you’ve ever done, and that clarity can sometimes surprise you.

Young person on the other side of this screen, hear me when I say that you are not crazy. You are not crazy to want to be apart of this internship. You are not crazy to want to move to a different country for five months to study missions, even if you’re not completely sure it’s what you want to do. You are not crazy for wanting to give up everything you’ve ever known and go somewhere where you know nothing. I promise you, this internship, it’s apart of something way bigger than what you could ever imagine. Don’t be afraid to step out onto the different path. I’ll even hand you the broom to help you clear the way.

-Danielle Bailey, Intern Fall 2015


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