Same Shirt, Different Style

Have you ever bought the same shirt in two different colors and expected them to fit the same, but once you put them on, you realized they’re totally different?

Well, that was me in the Mall of Life choosing the next step… the next thing I’d agree to invest my life and time in.

I was just about to finish ministry school (basically an internship), choose a job, and “arrive to my future”. Little did I know that you never really arrive to your future and no two shirts ever fit the same.

There I was with ministry school/one internship on a hanger in the left hand, and in the right hand was what seemed to be just another internship.

See, the shirt in the left hand was familiar. Worn and broken-in, the “boyfriend fit” kind of tee shirt. The shirt in the right had appeared to be the same. An internship I would come to each day, check off boxes on a to do list, learn a whole bunch, and live life. You know, familiar.

But man, I’ll tell you, once I got to Peru and wore the shirt for the first time, I realized that the two might have the same appearance in advertisement, but they definitely aren’t cut from the same cloth.

If this internship has taught me anything, it’s that expectations are always surpassed when you step into the will of God.

Just like the two shirts, seemingly identical, you never know their true form until you put them on.

While donning the shirt of the right hand for 5 months, I’ve learned that you never really “arrive to your future”. Life has a way of always pushing you towards the next thing to conquer and learn.

I’ve learned that just because something bears the name “internship” doesn’t mean that it’s a nine to five built for executive work. This is life with community and endless amounts of life experiences.

I’ve learned that familiarity doesn’t guarantee growth. In fact, I’ve found the opposite to be true. Familiarity breeds stagnancy, which leads to decay and this place, this church is on the opposite side of the spectrum from decay.

I’ve learned that God can take the idea of what you think you’re getting yourself into and make it unimaginably greater and create endless facets to experience His glory and grace in. Especially grace.

To you, the eager shopper in the Mall of Life: go for it. Buy the shirt even if it looks like something you’ve owned before. I guarantee you it’s far better than anything you’ve experienced and anything you could expect. You have my customer satisfaction guarantee.

– Hope Rogers, Intern Fall 2015


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