You Are Important

I was home schooled and from a very, very small town. I didn’t go to college and I spent the year after high school working as a nanny. I didn’t have a huge plan other than I knew God wanted me to take the year to work and go on a short-term missions trip in January to Thailand. When I came back from that trip, I knew I couldn’t continue with my nanny job forever, and I really felt strongly to go do missions in the fall. A few weeks after coming to this conclusion and deciding I needed to pursue missions, I stumbled across the opportunity to do the internship through Instagram – without even looking for it. I didn’t really know anything about the internship, Camino De Vida or even Lima, but I was so excited about it just from the Instagram post that I decided to apply. A few months later, I was on my way from a town with 800 people to a huge city with 10 million people.

In a small town, it is easy to feel known. People know who you are, your name, your friends and family, where you work, what you are good at, and what you are bad at. Coming to a place like Lima is so different. Sometimes I felt really overwhelmed and that I could just disappear into the masses of people and it wouldn’t really matter much; I would just be an extra person in the 10 million. In a town with 800 people, people notice if you park your car differently in your driveway.

One of the first things that we were told when we got to Lima was, “You are here because God wants you here, and you are important to Him.”  Since being here, we have been told over and over again, “You are important to God.” I never thought too much of the statement, other than – “Oh yeah, that’s cool.” Now looking back at my months in Lima, I truly don’t think I could have gotten through five months in a city of 10 million people without that constant reminder. That being said, thinking back to when I decided I really felt called to do missions this fall and in the future, I would have been lost if it wasn’t for God leading me to this internship. I think back about me getting on a plane and going from my small town to a huge city – knowing it is where I’m supposed to be, but if were not for having smiling faces picking me up from the airport, having the best group of friends to live with and go through this process with, or having a constant reminder that I am important to God – I would have come to this city or any city and felt extremely overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, and probably feeling very unimportant. It’s something that I never even thought of while I was looking into the internship. I leave knowing I am important to God. I can survive in a big city and actually really love it. I’m not overwhelmed. I am incredibly thankful for the CDV missionary internship.

-Abigail Fenton, Intern Fall 2015


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